Zivix jamstik+ Portable Smart Guitar Review

Zivix jamstik Portable Smart Guitar

Many of my closest friends don’t even know… that I hold a certificate of completion for advanced guitar lessons.

Before you call me out and claim that it must be one of those online video courses that issue you a certificate of attendance just for watching through a string of videos, let me just state that the beginner and advanced guitar lessons I went to were conducted in a real physical classroom with a real natural person as an instructor.

The classes were conducted with a maximum of 10 students per lesson to ensure that participants get the attention we deserve for paying for these lessons.

And in order to obtain that certificate I had to pass a final test as well. I remember playing Now and Forever by Richard Marx in that final test.

Those were the days before the internet went mainstream. And signing up for these courses was probably the only way to learn playing the guitar unless you are musically gifted.

How things have changed these days.

Music is one of those things that is truly universal. Almost every individual will have a soft spot for it even if they have different taste. Some might like adult contemporary, some love to bang with rock and roll, some prefer soft pop, and there are always people who cannot get enough of the blues. And one of those instruments that is as good as a main stay in every song is the guitar.

I have to admit that as I grew up, the piano and drums slowly took over as my favorite instruments.

But that does not replace the fact that the guitar is probably the most popular instrument in the world. Partly because of it’s affordability, portability, and music flexibility.

And there will always be entrepreneurs that attempt to bring this eternal instrument not only into the arms of the masses, but also to make playing it as easy and stress-free as possible.

And every now and then, outliers like the Zivix jamstik+ Portable Smart Guitar comes along and make waves in the hearts and minds of music self-learners.

This is an instrument that assembles latest available technology to make learning to play the guitar as less of a hassle as possible. And you will be astounded by how much fluff it has cut off from the traditional ways of picking up guitar playing skills… while delivering the same, or even better, results.

Features of Zivix jamstik+ Portable Smart Guitar

  • Wirelessly connect the playing device with apps on smartphones and tablets to teach you guitar
  • Optical sensors instantly detect your finger placements to guide you while playing
  • Interactive tutorials and games to make learning fun and enjoyable
  • Uses real strings and frets so that transition to a real guitar will be easier
  • No tuning required
  • Compact size make it easy to travel with
  • Creative MIDI tool enabling you to play any sound with 100’s of other apps
  • Compatible with iPhone, iPad, Mac and selected Android devices


Drawbacks of this wireless digital guitar

Although I would have loved to have this tool with me during the days when my passion for learning how to play was still strong, my old-school ego would say that it would never be the same as playing the real thing.

But that would be an unfair judgment on this product.

It would be like saying old school landlines are still the best way to call someone when the modern world is currently running on 4G. it’s obnoxious to say… yet there is some truth in it.

There is something about this portable smart guitar that I still have my reservations with. And that it it’s dependence on apps and Bluetooth connections to fully utilize it.

As you know, Bluetooth coverage can dissipate over time. And apps can crash every now and then. And that’s without mentioning the possibility of hardware problems with the main guitar set that can affect the connection to your smart devices.

So even though this is a great product, I’d have to say that the stability, durability and longevity of it will be the main factors that affect the buying decision of consumers.

Is Zivix jamstik+ Portable Smart Guitar worth buying?

I can’t say for sure that this is a better and more efficient method to learn playing the guitar because I learned my skills the classic way.

But if it can really do all that it claims to do flawlessly, I’m certain that it can boost your learning speed by multiple times.

I’d love to have it in my younger days when I was paying a monthly fee for weekly lessons to learn how to play. This would be more worthwhile in my opinion.

Enthusiastic kids would be able to pick up basic playing skills in no time. And adults should be able to find it a cumberless way to learn the guitar for leisure too.

Other than that, the first thing that came mind when I first came across this product is what a great present it would be for my nephew. This would make a great present for kids.

And you never know… this little present of yours could be the catalyst that kickstarts your children’s journey into a career as professional musician.

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