Xiaomi 10,000mAh Power Bank Review

If there is one feature in smart phones that I really want the manufacturers to boost up on, it’s the battery.

I don’t care what’s the mAh, voltage, or whatever you call it. As an end-user, all I want is for the phone to last for as long as possible throughout the day without having to incur the worrying feeling of fear. Fear that the battery juice would run out.

If you start off the day with a full charge on your iPhone, Samsung Galaxy device, or any other mobile tablet, if there’s even 1 moment during the day where the thought of battery life affects how you use your device, then the manufacturer have failed in my mind to address the needs of the consumers.

In fact, sometimes you wonder why longer lasting batteries are not built into smartphones. Is it an evil ploy to get consumers to spend more on accessories?

Whatever the case, I have always been a light user of my iPhone. And I can usually go through a whole day without ever getting worried about the power left in the phone.

But recently I have installed some energy sapping apps that drinks battery juice like a marathon runner who’s just crossed the finish line.

And after doing some basic research and reading a lot on reviews of power banks on the market, I shortlisted 3 to my wish list. Then coincidentally, as I was on a trip to Singapore, I saw one of them that’s not available in the US by a stroke of luck. And snapped it up immediately.

It’s the Xiaomi 10,000mAh powerbank. The other 2 in my shortlist, if you want to know, were the Zendure A2 and the JETech 10000.

I first came across this product when reading up about the best power banks available. And the amount of power this little beast has packed under the hood is mightily impressive. And when you realize that it’s retailing at a fraction of the price of it’s main competitors, you’d want to get one even if you already have a personal powerbank.

The problem is that Xiaomi’s 10000mAh power bank is not available in the US and UK. So you can probably understand my prompt purchase decision when I chanced upon it in a reputable retail store in Singapore.

This is a really sleek looking power bank with a pleasantly misleading appearance. On the surface, the size of this thing doesn’t appear to contain any more than 5,000mAh. Yet it is in fact double that amount.

Some more features:

  • Come in silver, red, gold
  • 1 USB output socket DC 5.1V 2100mA(TYP)
  • 91mm x 60mm x 22mm
  • 207g/7.3oz
  • Charges iPhone 6 more than 3 times (tested)


After using the item for a couple of weeks, here are some drawbacks that I have encountered.

I read from it’s official website that this power bank has a protection feature from overcharge, overdischarge, over voltage, over current, etc.

I’m not a geek. As an average consumer, I interpret that as some kind of an auto-off function that stops charging or discharging at the appropriate time. e.g. it stops charging when the phone is fully charged

This is not case. It continues to charge when my devices hit 100%. The fancy lightning bolt icon on my devices still shows up. So I assume this means it’s still being charged when full. This include Android devices.

Another shortcoming is that it only has 1 USB output.

I would say that a powerbank with 10,000mAh in reserves puts it in the powerhouse category. And 1 USB slot for a powerhouse makes it kind of odd. But I guess that’s what we have to accept for the low price that Xiaomi is selling this for.

Thirdly, I don’t understand what the reset button is for. It can be used to check the level of juice it has left. But what is the reset function for? Reset what?

Probably the best value power bank from a reputable manufacturer

We usually associated cheaper products with lower quality and compromised quality. This is why Xiaomi’s 10,000mAh power bank is absolutely shocking!

It costs much less than it’s competition, yet looks better in many ways, and packs more power!

Either the big names are ripping us off with disgusting margins, or their production lines are not as efficient as XIaomi’s.

And this is no fly-by-night company we are talking about here. Xiaomi is primed to be a global leader in technology and consumer electronics for years to come, if it is not already.

At such an affordable price, you might even want to buy this as a dependable spare power bank for those just-in-case situations. Who wouldn’t want more power?

If you are looking for it in a store, you can easily miss it from right under your nose because it’s packed in a dull-looking box with no pictures. You won’t be able to tell it’s actually Xiaomi’s powerbank unless you read the descriptive words on the box.

The packaging does not cry out for attention like so many products you find in an electronics store.

Finally, be careful of fakes. With how sophisticated pirates are these days, sometimes you can’t even tell if genuine stuff are authentic at all!

Because of the potential of being sold a dud, I strongly suggest not to buy this product online over the internet. Buy it from a reputable physical store.

At least you can have a little confidence that the merchandiser of the retailer has done his homework and sourced from the original maker or wholesaler. Their credibility is at stake here. And you can always keep the receipt and get a refund if something goes wrong with the product.

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