TRESemme Vitamin C Deep Cleansing Shampoo

I think that most people put little effort into caring for their hair until they get a shock one day in the shower.

I’m not talking about getting that glamorous shine in your hair, fixing the split ends that show up from time to time, or wearing a hat outdoors to protect those silky locks from the unforgiving UV rays of the sun. What I’m talking about is something more sinister and terrifying that all of them put together.

It’s hair fall… or hair loss as many would call it. And I’m in a stage of my life where I’m consciously taking more care about not losing hair.

For starters, my parents are not bald or balding. In fact my father has a full head of thick dark black hair. Alright… it’s black because of dye. But it’s still a full head of hair. My mother also has abundant hair. And this is after going bald from chemotherapy during a bout with breast cancer some years ago.

So I’ve never had the fear of hereditary hair loss within me to raise any concerns.

But my brother is miraculously going bald which is very disturbing to me. This triggered a distress in me that made me very concerned about my own flowing locks.

What’s more, for a period of time, I’ve been observing a lot of hair in my palms each day when I shampoo in the bath. This coupled with what’s happening to my brother gave me cause for alarm.

Yet I felt that there was nothing I could do in terms of hair care except to avoid pulling at them, eat right and diet if necessary, and be more gentle when washing my hair.

My mother said that I was thinking too much. Yet that’s probably what she said to my brother too.

So I started to change my shampoos to find one that I can actually notice a positive effect.

Now… I have used vitamin shampoos in the past. So I’ve never felt that I was ever feeding my scalp with too little nutrition. But somehow a friend of mine brought my attention to Vitamin C.

I don’t know about what reactions people get when thinking about vitamin C. Because to me, it triggers a different reaction than if you were to mention just “vitamins”.

From a young age, I’ve been conditioned to think that vitamin C is the king of all vitamins. And that is probably true. The sound of VITAMIN C sounds much more powerful that just MULTI-VITAMINS. But getting vitamin C to my hair follicles has never been something that crossed my mind.

After all, those multi-vitamin shampoos I’ve used in the past surely must contain vitamin C as well… right?

So back to my friend. She referred me to give this new product she came across a try and where to buy it. It’s TRESemme vitamin C deep cleansing shampoo.

I apologize for the dirty looking bottle. This is what you can expect when it has been bearing the brunt of constant splashing in the warzone that is my bathroom for the last 4 months.

But anyway, I gave this product a try. How bad can it get if my hair don’t like it?

I actually don’t feel that the shampoo I use can make a big impact on hair loss. Deep down, I still feel that I’m immune to baldness as I’m protected by hereditary inheritance.

Yet the facts don’t lie. I’m losing so much hair that it’s getting very noticeable from just observing my bed, floor, and the drainage cap. And my brother is experiencing the dreaded condition himself. So how can I not be even a little concerned.

I switched to this shampoo with little expectations, if any, for it to bring any positivity into my life. It’s very affordable and will be the shampoo I use for a few months. I just see it as a shampoo to wash and clean my hair and hopefully the roots too.

And if it does a good job of doing the basics right. I would be more than happy to become a repeat customer.

2 months into using TRESemme’s vitamin C deep cleansing shampoo, I took notice of something that took me totally by surprise.

After lathering my hair as usual and bringing my hands (still full of foam) in front of me, I see significantly lesser rouge strands of hair that decided to abandon me.

To tell you the truth. I don’t know if the makers of this product include unicorn tears into the formulation because it sure doesn’t say it in the packaging. But from what I’ve been experiencing, some sort of ongoing event is happening above my hair line that is making a stand against my hair loss.

I don’t know for sure if I’m in fact losing less hair. And I don’t know if it’s the shampoo that is casting the magic. I’ve been using this product for 4 months now. And what I can say is that I’m noticing a lot less hair fall.

There’s no smoke without fire. And I’m pretty convinced that I’m counter-acting against this disease in some way.

You know… sometimes you don’t need to weigh yourself to know that you are losing weight 😀

So maybe you might want to give this shampoo a spin… even if it’s just for the nutrition. Like me… you might find the type of benefits that you’d least expect it to do.

The vitamin C shampoo

As mentioned previously, this is a very affordable product. I got mine in a 30 ounce (900ml) bottle at the average price of all shampoos you find at the supermarket isles. Just that other brands usually come with much lesser shampoo. You get a lot of product for a price that I would say is good value.

It comes in TRESemme’s trademark black pump bottle with green labels and simple wordings. It sure looks professional. As if they are telling us actions speak louder than words. And it’s what’s under the hood where the real substance is.

I’m 4 months into my bottle and I can feel that there’s at least another quarter of product left inside.

The shampoo liquid itself is in a clear uncolored gel. Not white, blue, orange, or some other fancy colors marketers decide just to add an element of fun.

It lathers very well and very fast. I usually lather it up and leave it on my head for a few minutes while I scrub my body with bathing lotion. Remember not to use your fingernails.

I have oily hair. This deep cleanses without overstripping. And leaves hair soft, shiny, light and bouncy with a lot of body when dry. Very effective in removing build-up of hair products you use in the day for styling.

Lastly I want to point out that some people feel that because this is a deep cleansing shampoo, that it shouldn’t be used on a daily basis as it could be too harsh on the scalp. So you might want to be cautious about how frequent you use it.

However, I use it everyday. Tried and tested. I’m the evidence. It’s as close to a holy grail body care product as I can imagine.

It does not have any negative impact on me. In fact, I’m more than happy with the results it has given me in terms of hair loss control. I will be definitely be buying this again unless the manufacturer stops making it.

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