Travelpro Inflight Lite Two-Piece Hardside Spinner Set Review


If you’ve ever had the experience of having your luggage give up on you into a journey, you will know how miserable and frustrating that trip can become.

Such a novelty has luggage become these days, that we often forget about the value it brings to the table when we travel for stress-free holidays rather than to compound the stress.

The ideal travel scenario when it comes to your belongings is to pack them, and they remain exactly how they were packed when you open it up.

But of course… as adults, we’ve learned from growing up that the world is not ideal.

What we can do, is try to get as close as the perfect scenario as possible. And what we do have, are super products like the Travelpro Inflight Lite Two-Piece Hardside Spinner Set.

Once in a while, a product enters an old market to meet needs that have been neglected by complacent manufacturers.

And Travelpro is doing just that.

With 8 multi-direction spinner wheels providing grip on the ground, the luggage maneuvers as quick as your reaction is. This means that you can easily navigate it around, or into, crowded areas with as much steering control as possible.

It’s sleek design, coupled with sturdy casing, gives it a menacing combination of style and substance.

Features of the Travelpro Inflight Lite 2-Piece Hardside Spinner Set


  • 100% Abs With Polycarbonate Film
  • 8 wheels on each of 2 luggage with 360 degree rotation ability
  • high-tensile-strength zipper that’s easy to open and close
  • carry-on measures 20″ x 13.5″ x 8.5″
  • larger luggage measures 28″ x 18″ x 10″
  • polycarbonate scratch resistant finish
  • Flexible shell to absorb impacts and return to shape
  • push button locking on telescopic handle system

Drawbacks of the Travelpro Inflight Hardside Spinner Set?

The zipper although strong, has a fragile feel when zipping and unzipping.

And even though ABS with a polycarbonate finish is as good as you get for scratch resistance, you cannot help but visualize how heartbroken you will be when this beauty eventually gets scratched.

Because scratches eventually appears on every luggage unless you… pack it in another luggage!

I guess the quality in this product contributed to it’s above average price. But these days, you do get what you pay for.

Is this Travelpro Luggage Set worth buying?

There are some products that has a lot going on under the hood. Yet because of an ugly appearance, some people might still refuse to get one even if it’s free.

This Travelpro luggage set is the complete opposite.

It’s attractive aesthetics will be reason enough for people to get it no matter the quality.

What’s more, there is real quality under the hood of this one.

You will be able to appreciate this product as soon as you get your hands on it. You might even start to imagine how you would become the envy of others in the airport when pushing this along your side.

But if you have a low budget and not ready for a premium luggage set that offers great value, you might want to compromise a little on your expectations on quality and get a cheaper alternative.

Your financial well-being is more important. And you can always come back to Travelpro in future.

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