Mizon Snail Recovery Gel Cream Review

If you are into skin care, you would be living on another planet if you have yet to heard about the magic that comes with Korean skin care. You might not know the ins and outs about them. But surely this topic must have caught your attention some time in the past.

I’m not hardcore into skin care. But I’m familiar with the Korean skin care retail chains that are invading the world right now. Laneige, Face Shop, Innisfree ,etc.

In fact, I’ve been using Laneige products since as early as 2007. That’s a decade ago!

Anyway, I’ve heard about the wonders of snail facial products like masks, creams, essence and ampoules. But have never tried them.

It’s not that I avoided giving them a try. It’s just something that wasn’t near the top of my priority list.

Then one day, I saw a snail gel on a one-day $1 promotion on my favorite online ecommerce store. And I felt that it might be a good time to finally give snail products a try. The sales gods are calling after all…

So I clicked on the $1 promotion banner and started to read up about the gel on offer. It looked and sounded mightily impressive. But what else do you expect a self-promotional piece of copywriting to look like?

But when I got to the reviews part of the product page where genuine verified buyers were giving their feedback, a lot of them didn’t have good things to say about this particular product. And almost anyone who suggested an alternative to this product swears by the magic of Mizon’s snail recovery gel cream.

This was how I had my first contact with Mizon’s products.

I can’t remember what’s the name of that $1 promotional product. All I remember was that it contained alcohol. And it was truly on promotion… because I remembered that the day after, the price went up to $10+. I would probably never see that product at that price again in my lifetime… Provided I can identify it when I see it again.

Anyway, back to the topic here: Mizon snail recovery gel cream

From all the hype that I’ve been reading about this gel cream from real buyers and beauty bloggers, I really had high hopes for this product.

I have long heard about the magical effects of snail slime in skin care. And this was going to be my first snail product. And I’ve always had beginners luck. So I was pretty optimistic about how this gel is going to help speed up the recovery of whatever needs to recover on my face.

Moreover, a lot of online stores that carry this product includes the description that says it is meant for people with combination and oily skin. That’s me.

Honestly… I didn’t have anything specific in mind to recover from. I just felt it was going to improve my skin one way or another.

10 fingers are not enough to sum up the number of imperfections on my face. And if this gel can fix just one of them, I would be very grateful. If it solves more than 1 problem, then I’d treat that as a bonus.

The snail recovery gel cream

The snail recovery gel cream comes in a 1.5oz (45ml) squeeze tube. Making it easy to store and carry around in the day.

The tube is princess pink in color with a cute floral-looking white snail in the background. The sweetness-personified design is unlike anything else in Mizon’s line of products. This supposedly means that this gel cream stands alone as a single product instead of being just one in a product line.

The gel cream itself comes in a clear transparent colorless gel. However, I don’t know why I have a tendency to see it as lightly pink. Probably because of the packaging.

I also don’t know why they use the word “cream” in the product because it is clearly a gel to me. And I’m an uneducated end user who can’t see past the end of my nose.

It has a multi-function formula that don’t just helps in recovery. But also nourishes with snail secretion filtrate and hydrates with the god-send hyaluronic acid packed into it’s ingredients.

I applied this on nights after bathing.

It feels good as soon as you spread it on your face and absorbs very quickly leaving a lightly glowing finish. If I try to be more specific, I’d say it’s a moisturizing feeling on my face.

However, the day after applying this gel, my face feels so soft and tender… but would you believe it… it broke me out with whiteheads. This was just from the first time using it.

Suspecting that this could possibly be a bad coincidence caused by a freak alignment of planets the day before, I continued to use it with more days in between use. And each time I used it, I see more whiteheads the next day.

It was as if I was taking a break from it so that my skin could recover… just for this gel to break me out again. What an ironic game of cat and mouse.

I also started to notice that about 15 minutes into application, I can feel like I’m starting to sweat on my nose and between the nose and upper lip. Making me think that maybe this product was clogging my pores.

Well I’m no scientist. All I know is that the beads of sweat are no illusion.

I really wanted to love this product. My skin felt really good to the touch. It might actually remove some scars and pigmentation marks on my face eventually. But I just can’t make the trade-off with the whiteheads I’m harvesting with it.

As of now, I’m taking an indefinite break from this product. Maybe I’ll give it another try before it expires in future and come back with better results. Or maybe I’ll use it on my arms, knees and calves that has some ugly marks as well.

There is a silver lining to this. Because this product was the rabbit hole that led me to Mizon all in one snail repair cream which I love very much.

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