6 Great Features To Look For In Egg Cookers And Boilers

It’s one of those foods that we take for granted.

We have them so frequently and in so many forms that many people often don’t realize that the number 1 item they are consuming are eggs. Many don’t even realize that they are having any, let alone being aware of it being number 1.

Coupled with the nutrition that comes with eggs, it’s no surprise if you have made the conscious decision to have more eggs fitted into your diet.

And now you are looking at egg cookers. But what should you be looking for in one?

1) What else does it cook?

Since you are going to have an addition to the kitchen counter that already lined up with appliances, you’d want the item to be as multi-functional as possible.

This is so that this new product taking up premium real estate on the kitchen table is well worth it’s space.

An egg boiler is after all, just a machine that heats up water. I don’t know if you’ve realized. But that is the very same method used to cook a lot of other different foods.

This means that the egg cooker has the function to steam cook food and also warm up leftovers. Whether it is designed to do these tasks will depend on the product design and manufacturer itself.

For example, including other types of trays instead of just the egg holding tray will enable the user to use the egg cooker to do more than just boiling eggs.

It will be more worth the money if the appliance can do more than just 1 task.

2) Can it cook hard boil, soft boil, and medium boil eggs

There is obviously more than just 1 method of cooking eggs.

While the primary function of egg cookers are to cook hard-boiled eggs, don’t forget that soft-boiled eggs are just as, if not more, delicious.

Well established brands in the household industry identified this and you can usually see their cookers packed with the ability to at least prepare soft and hard boiled eggs.

It’s just a matter of pressing a clearly labelled button or flipping a switch.

3) Timer

If you can settle for an egg boiler that can only cook hard boiled eggs, that’s fine. It’s your personal preference.

But you’d want to at least have a machine with the ability to time itself or automatically shut down when the eggs are cooked.

Water and electrical appliances are not the best of friends.

Surely you have seen movies or TV shows where fire hazards at home start at the stove, kettle, or hairdryer, etc.

Although household appliances are built with a lot of safety features these days for precaution, do not rule out the possibility of short-circuit caused by an egg cooker.

That’s why you’d want this auto-off feature in your cooker.

4) Number of eggs

Unless you are are an egg monster who devours egg whites and yolks like there’s no tomorrow, most of the egg cookers in the market should be able to cook a sufficient number of eggs together at the same time.

But if for some reason, you are doing mass cooking, you obviously need a bigger boiler or a bigger egg tray for cooking.

Maybe you are a protein-hungry bodybuider and like to cook a lot at a time to last you throughout the day. If you can foresee that you will be cooking a lot go for a bigger machine.

It’s a waste of time having to cook 2 or 3 times back-to-back. After all, the reason you want to get an egg cooker is to save time and for easy convenience.

5) Material

This is something that a lot of people don’t think about.

We don’t cook with unhealthy material. Full stop.

You might think that the chrome cooker made of stainless steel looks cool and sexy. But don’t forget that metal can rust. Even stainless steel!

I can attest to that. I have stainless steel appliances that rust.

6) Size

This concerns the actual dimensions of the cooker.

For aesthetic reasons, you don’t want the eggy boiler to be the focal point of a posh kitchen counter. That would take the attention away from your fancy induction cooker or the brightly colored wok you bought online.

And for practical purposes, you don’t want an extra appiance like this to take up too much space.

Bearing in mind that you could use it often, this machine would most likely be a permanent fixture on your table. Having to set it up and keep it everytime you use it can be quite a hassle.

The best scenerio woud be that it would sit nicey in a corner.

So make a note of taking it’s dimensions into account when making your purchase. Measure the space you have set aside for it. And look out for measurements especially if you are buying online.

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