5 Brief Reasons I’ve Switched To Disposable Underwear

I was introduced to disposable underwear while traveling with some friends while still being a care-free teenager. At that point in time, I felt that it was a really stupid meant for lazy people.

But in recent years as I travel more frequently around the world, I’ve come to use them often out of convenience.

And more recently, I’ve started to use them exclusively… not because of how good they are. But because of how lousy regular underwear have become.

These are the reasons why I’ve made the switch.

1) Expensive under garment requires extra care

Some people find pride in wearing hundreds of dollars worth of under garment under their shirts and dresses. It actually empowers them!

But these products only make you more meticulous and careful when doing the laundry as you don’t want to destroy them in the wash.

At this point you need to ask yourself a important question: Are you willing to invest that extra time in caring for your underwear?

To most people laundry is a chore and not exactly a hobby. In fact, the best case scenario of doing laundry is to throw everything into the washing machine, press a button, and be back to hang the clothing out to dry 30 minutes later.

Having to pay extra attention to your underwear is just too weird and maybe even gross to some people.

2) No worries of wear and tear

I must have discarded over a hundred pairs of regular briefs over the years just solely due to wear and tear. They get into a condition where they are unwearable anymore and have to be dumped.

Common reasons include:

  1. Rubber band for the waist becomes too loose to fasten securely
  2. Discoloring
  3. Tears
  4. Stubborn stains that won’t wash off (urgh…)

These problems will no longer be a headache once you switch to disposable briefs.

Everyday comes with a fresh minty new pair. Life cannot be better than this 😀

3) Save laundry space

This can be a big benefit for those living in apartments where space is limited.

Since most people and families do their laundries once a week, a huge pile of afterwash can stack up every time it comes to laundry time.

And it’s very often that finding ample space to hang out the clothing evenly become a problem.

By eliminating regular undies from your laundry, you are going to end up with a lot of extra empty space where you can hang and air your apparel to dry.

4) Easier to store

Whether you are buying them in 10s or 20s a pack, they only take up very little space.

In fact, I’ve just measured one of them in it’s packing and it’s estimated dimension is only about 5″x1″x1″. That is without taking into account that it’s soft and can be squeezed into a smaller dimension with a little pressure.

You can easier keep 20 knickers in a drawer with little hassle.

Better yet. Because they are fresh and yet to be worn, you can basically keep them anywhere without a concern for hygiene.

Yes! Even the kitchen if you want!

Unlike regular undergarment, there is only 1 place you are going to keep them – in the cupboard with all your clothing.

5) They are actually very comfortable

The biggest reason that prevented me from using disposable underwear in the past was how it feels on the body.

If you have ever tried them, you’ll probably know what I’m talking about. You know… the occasional itch…

But that was my first impression. And I’ve come to realize that I had come to a conclusion too soon without giving them a real chance to convince me to become a user.

Itchiness usually comes from woven disposable briefs. These are cheaper to manufacture. And are made specifically targeted at consumers who are sensitive to price due to budget.

Better made ones are made with cotton with polyester. These really don’t cause a lot of discomfort at all. I actually don’t even notice anything when wearing them.

So really…

If you have ever considered switching from regular briefs to disposable briefs but decided not to because of how they might feel, I suggest that you give them another try.

And this time, try the better made ones.

They can save you a lot of time due to the convenience it brings to the whole household. And honestly, you won’t even feel the difference. It can actually feel better knowing that each day, you are walking around in clean pair fresh out of the oven.

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